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How Many Glasses of Wine Per Week is Healthy?

Wine is often a go-to when settling in for a relaxing evening. After a long day at work, it’s the perfect finishing touch to any warm meal or a simple charcuterie board. It can even bring a feeling of normalcy when bars and restaurants are closed due to a worldwide pandemic. Not to mention, it’s […]


Shame Addiction

Shame is an isolating, debilitating emotion that can cause many to suffer from feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness. Routinely experiencing shame can feed the cycle of addiction, especially if substance misuse is prevalent or if alcohol and drugs are easily accessible. Many individuals use substances to cope with drastic feelings of shame and, with time, […]

Does Alcohol Rehab Work?

Does alcohol rehab work? What entails effective and evidence-based treatment modalities proven to help individuals and families fight against alcohol addiction? Americans often reach for a cold beer, a cocktail, or a glass of champagne to celebrate holidays, promotions, and birthdays. However, casual views of alcohol use may be exacerbating the problem of alcohol use […]

How Does Home Addiction Treatment Work

Recovery coaches and therapists are finding that virtual and in-person addiction treatments are equally effective. How does in home addiction treatment work? We’re taking a closer look at how telehealth has transformed how people receive help for substance misuse issues. Researchers and addiction specialists are testing new approaches to fighting the drug epidemic swiftly sweeping […]

Recovery Quote: Living One Day at a Time

“Recovery is built one day at a time, one moment at a time, one event at a time, one relationship at a time – just like every brick and stone and that Great Wall. Successful recovery is not built without a plan. The Great Wall is seen from space; recovery by the world.” -Dr. Michael […]

Warning Signs of Addiction

Even with access to endless information, articles, and self-help guides, the warning signs of addiction are not always clear. For one, addiction is a chronic and complex brain disease that often affects every individual differently, making it difficult to ascertain when casual drinking evolves into alcohol use disorder, or when pain medication is misused. In […]

Does Online Rehab Work?

Drug overdoses contributed to about 72,000 U.S. deaths in 2018. Substance abuse is sweeping the nation and the staggering numbers are now exceeding car crashes, HIV, and gun deaths.   While many people are understandably concerned with the effectiveness of virtual addiction treatment, there have been some unexpected benefits from telehealth services as it applies to […]

Best Online Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Looking for the best online substance abuse treatment program in Colorado? AspenRidge Recovery recently launched AspenRidge REACH, a 100% online Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for adults. We specialize in mental health, complex trauma, and addiction. Our trained and certified staff offer effective dual diagnosis treatment for individuals suffering from mental health and substance abuse. Contact […]

Better Engagement for Better Outcomes

We could never have foreseen how the world was going to change back in 2019 when we at AspenRidge were first testing and launching online addiction treatment programs. All we knew then was that there was a clear need for such treatment, even though many clinicians and clients were hesitant to use it. Fast forward […]