depression counseling and alcoholism
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Depression and Alcohol

Alcohol has a firm foot in our culture and seems fitting for most of life's events–good and bad. Even with booze readily available, escaping life's troubles can prove to be an impossible challenge. At times it seems the only place to find…
online alcohol addiction counseling
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Online Alcohol Abuse Counseling

Online alcohol abuse counseling confirms that new developments in technology and telehealth can showcase addiction treatment efficacy for some. Alcohol addiction treatment modalities are evolving as science acquires a new understanding of…
impact of drinking too much vodka

Drinking a Fifth of Vodka Everyday

Do you drink a glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage with dinner every night? This would put you in the top 30% of American adults consuming alcohol (per-capita). The top 10% of alcohol consumers clinically diagnosed with severe alcohol…
alcoholism treatment options

Rehab Options for Alcoholics

Alcohol is one of the most addictive and lethal substances impacting millions nationwide, yet it’s persistently viewed as a nonissue. While alcohol-related deaths continue to surge, many remain ambivalent about the seriousness of alcohol abuse,…
my son is drinking too much

Is My Son an Alcoholic?

If there’s a surefire way of protecting your son from the dangerous effects of alcohol abuse, addiction would undoubtedly be less of a problem for many families. However, there’s no silver bullet, and alcohol abuse continues to plague many…
facts about alcohol abuse

18 Facts About Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism is perhaps one of the most misunderstood forms of addiction. Unlike other dangerous substances, alcohol is perfectly legal, widely accessible, and socially acceptable. However, alcohol abuse not only drastically impacts individuals…
when drinking is a problem

Is My Drinking a Problem?

Unlike using illicit drugs, drinking alcohol is widely considered an acceptable social activity. Many American’s drink with friends on weekends, at home, or even at certain work functions. Consuming alcohol occurs frequently enough that it…
alcohol destroys lives

7 Ways Alcohol Ruins Lives

It's no secret that alcohol is a staple among many Americans. To some degree, alcohol is associated with happy feelings and positive events. Partying with friends, for example, usually involves casual drinking. A promotion at the office can…
how many glasses of wine is healthy

How Many Glasses of Wine Per Week is Healthy?

Wine is often a go-to when settling in for a relaxing evening. After a long day at work, it’s the perfect finishing touch to any warm meal or a simple charcuterie board. It can even bring a feeling of normalcy when bars and restaurants are…
effectiveness of alcohol addiction treatment

Does Alcohol Rehab Work?

Does alcohol rehab work? What entails effective and evidence-based treatment modalities proven to help individuals and families fight against alcohol addiction? Americans often reach for a cold beer, a cocktail, or a glass of champagne to…