my son is drinking too much

Is My Son an Alcoholic?

If there’s a surefire way of protecting your son from the dangerous effects of alcohol abuse, addiction would undoubtedly be less of a problem for many families. However, there’s no silver bullet, and alcohol abuse continues to plague many…
online substance addiction rehab

When to Go to Rehab

Right this minute, at least 21 million Americans are battling dependency to alcohol, pain pills, benzos, heroin, and other substances. Most will never seek help. The Addiction Center estimates that about 10% of individuals with substance use…
is phenibut safe

Is Phenibut Safe?

With changing times and increasing demands of work and school, there's an opportunity within the dietary supplements industry to capitalize on products that offer brain boosts. It seems everyone is after the newest supplement that can potentially…
barbiturate abuse

Barbiturate Abuse & Risks

In 2020, barbiturates aren't making headlines the way they used to. At its peak, this class of prescription medications was responsible for the deaths of some of the world's most celebrated musicians including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and…
facts about alcohol abuse

18 Facts About Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism is perhaps one of the most misunderstood forms of addiction. Unlike other dangerous substances, alcohol is perfectly legal, widely accessible, and socially acceptable. However, alcohol abuse not only drastically impacts individuals…
heroin addiction and support

Chasing the Dragon: Heroin Addiction

Drug abuse and dependency claim the lives of tens of thousands of American's every year. The nation's opioid epidemic has quickly spiraled into a much more complicated and deadly drug overdose epidemic. In the past few years, about 80% of people…
when drinking is a problem

Is My Drinking a Problem?

Unlike using illicit drugs, drinking alcohol is widely considered an acceptable social activity. Many American’s drink with friends on weekends, at home, or even at certain work functions. Consuming alcohol occurs frequently enough that it…
fear of recovery

Fear of Recovery

The loss of control due to substance use is initially debilitating and can create chaos in day-to-day life. However, the habits and behaviors of addiction can eventually come to feel routine. For many, despite its adverse consequences, it provides…
alcohol destroys lives

7 Ways Alcohol Ruins Lives

It's no secret that alcohol is a staple among many Americans. To some degree, alcohol is associated with happy feelings and positive events. Partying with friends, for example, usually involves casual drinking. A promotion at the office can…